“Gobustone” porous masonry blocks are already on the Georgian market

“Synergy Group” shows a number of successful results in this direction.

Development of the non-oil sector and export stimulation are an integral part of the state strategy. “Synergy Group” shows a number of successful results in this direction.

“Gobustone” masonry blocks, which have been playing an important role in the construction market of Azerbaijan since 2011, contribute to the diversification of the economy and the export potential of the country.

For the first time in the region, porous aerated concrete blocks are produced at the “AAC” plant of “Synergy Group” OJSC.

“Gobustone” products have been exported to Georgia since April of this year. These masonry stones will be the new face of Tbilisi and other Georgian cities, combining history and modernity.

President Ilham Aliyev has created a sense of responsibility towards all institutions operating in the field of production and justifying his hope for the development of local production.

He said in one of his speeches that “I really want to produce more Azerbaijani products, to reduce our dependence on imports, to create jobs, to produce exportable products.”

In this regard, it should be noted that locally produced “Gobustone” masonry blocks are considered a new era in the construction market of Azerbaijan and are distinguished from traditional construction materials by their advantages.

Compared to other construction materials, it stands out for its strength, lightness, durability, heat and frost resistance, environmental friendliness and saving on utility costs.

Considering these reasons, “Gobustone” masonry blocks have been reflected in a number of modern construction projects in Azerbaijan – “Port Baku Residence” and “Tower”, “28 Mall” shopping center, Azerbaijan Academy of Diplomacy, National Gymnastics Arena, “Trump Tower”, Azerbaijan The administrative building of the State Oil Fund, the Shahdag summer-winter tourism center in Gusar, the “Rixos” hotel in Guba, and the “Galaalti” recreation center in Shabran are of this type.

With this, the “Gobustone” product quickly gained a reputation for demonstrating quality work in the local construction market, as well as in the entire Caucasus.

Keeping our history and past alive in our own name, the “Gobustone” brand set out with the desire to contribute to the recognition of a new product in the market and the export potential of the country.