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Lack of quality lime almost everywhere in the CIS prevents production of aerated concrete with stable high quality and automation of production process. Currently, in the CIS countries there is almost no uniformly burnt lime and often lime does not reach the required temperature.

High-quality lime is needed not only for the production of other construction materials such as sand-lime brick and slaked lime, but also in the metallurgical, chemical, sugar industry, road construction and environmental protection.

"ААС" company is producing high quality uniformly burnt lime both hard (rigid), and weak (soft) burning.

Ideal lime for production of aerated concrete is the lime of hard or average burning. This lime has low reactivity (time of burning is 4 - 12 minutes before reaching to 60 ºС) which promotes uniform, slow growth of lime mixture in the pouring form.

Optimal raw materials for production of sand-lime brick and slaked lime are the lime of soft and average burning. This lime has high reactivity (time of burning is 1 - 4 minutes before reaching to 60˚С) that provides fast slaking and reduces the volume and duration of production cycle in the reactor (in production of sand-lime brick) or in installation of slaking (in production of slaked lime).

The shaft furnace with control of burning is optimal equipment for production of high quality lime. Control of burning in shaft furnace is carried out by means of moveable tube - burner which depth feed to the furnace can be regulated and also by means of controlled air and fuel supply.

The basic advantages of the shaft furnace with the control of burning for production of lime are as follows:

• optimal (smaller) volume of the furnace that provides minimum expenses for metalwork and brick lining, as well as minimum space for placing and height of works;

• the controlled burning temperature allows to burn it «when required», making the lime weak or hard burning;

• the minimum consumption of power ( 30 - 50 % less than in rotating pipe furnaces) by means of heat utilization generating in the process of cooling the burnt lime; wide range of the sizes of burnt stone: burning of coarse, as well as fine fractions of limestone (10 - 40//20-50//30 - 60//40-70 mm) is possible

Specialists of our company have established lime production of the lime on the basis of the latest equipment and technology which have not been applied earlier in the CIS. The western experts and employees of “AAC” Company have been involved in development of production process and equipment designing.





-   ideally:                        30 – 60 mm

-   admissible:                    10 – 40 mm

-   admissible:                    20 – 50 mm

-   admissible:                    40 – 70 mm

PRODUCTION İNFORMATİON: Burnt lime, (slaking period t60°c)

4 – 7 minutes

(2 – 12 min. Also is possible)



Lump lime

20 – 25 t/day            (~ 7.000 t/year)


Lime of fine grinding

9 t/h ~ 200 t/day (~ 60.000 t/year)


(<8% in the sieve  90 µ)



Calcium hydroxide

(5 t/h, 80 – 100 t/day   (~30.000 t/year)


(from the lime of fine grinding)



residual moisture <5 %





Lump lime                                       wagons with funnel unloading system

Lime of fine grinding                         wagons or road freight transport

Calcium hydroxide (Slaking)               Big Beg or road freight transport





<5 %

Al2O3 + Fe2O3

<2,5 %

CaO, total

>90 %

CaO, active

>85 %


<2 %

Na2O + K2O

<1,5 %


<3 %

Loss of burning


<5 %

Sieve residue, 90 µм


<8 %

Slaking time(t60), preferably under Part3of DİN 1060



4–10 min.


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