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Glue for blocks

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Glue mix of white color with higher strength properties is using for laying of blocks of porous concrete for thin-layer laying of exterior and internal walls (the thickness of joints is 1 mm to 3 mm).

Thanks to the color uniformity of laying thickness of the interior decreases, as well as provides expressive architectural style without using external decoration.

Properties of glue

Prevent the formation of “cold bridges”

• Waterproof

• Cold-resistant

• Long usage time (within 2 hours)

• Vapor-permeable

Area of Application

Glue for aerated concrete blocks is applied for construction of internal and external walls using porous concrete with exact geometry. Thanks to high adhesion to the base they provide solidity and high durability of installed works.

Execution of Work

The dry mix should be hydrated with clean water an average 0, 21-0, 23 l per 1 kg of dry mixture and stir with a powerful drill with a beater or mixer until obtaining uniform mass. Keep the solution for 5 minutes and again to mix it within 1 minute. Depending on weather conditions, it is permitted to correct the amount of water within 5, 25-5, 75 l for providing operability in using the glue mixture. Then the glue paste should be laid on all fasten blocks’ surface. Flattening paste is carried out with serrated spatula. The size of serrate should be in the limit from 5 mm to 8 mm. Blocks are placed on the distributed glue mixture and in case of necessity the laying can be corrected by means of rubber hammer within 3 minutes after laying.

It is recommended to set first layer of the sand-cement and sand composition with the help of which the base is carefully leveled. During the cold period, at temperature from-10°C to +5°С, it is necessary to use a winter variant of adhesive mixture which contains special antifreeze agents with mark “winter” on the sack. During the warm period, at temperature from +5°С to +30°С, it is necessary to use adhesive mixture with mark “summer” on the sack. In case using the materials in the conditions not specified in the technical specification, it is necessary to conduct independently tests or to address to the manufacturer for advice.

The product residues should be utilized as construction waste. Package should be utilized as domestic waste.

Utilization time of mortar mixture: up to 2 hours

Open time for execution of adhesive layer: up to 15 minutes

Time of correction of blocks laying: up to 3 minutes

Adhesive consumption for AAC blocks: 1,4 kg/m2 per 1 mm of layer thickness

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