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General Information

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Construction of the house, saving of construction materials without loss of quality, protection from hot summer and cold winter and a number of other issues always concern house owners and construction companies. In such situation everybody prefers to use material composed of natural mineral compounds, aerocrete.

"AAC" LLC –Azerbaijan company, has invested largest investment in the production of modern porous concrete and high-quality lime in Azerbaijan. Modern aerated concrete plant, located on 47th kilometer of the Baku-Salyan highway is fully equipped with the latest technology and has a capacity of 180 000 m / cu aerated concrete products per year. The plant is situated on the territory of 10 hectares and includes all the necessary infrastructure.

"AAC" company produce porous aerated concrete and lime under the brand «gobustone». We use high-tech German equipment, all products are subjected to quality control in the modern laboratory, ensuring compliance with the requirements of both national and international standards. Experienced and professional experts are the guarantor of the quality of our product.

Company offers a large selection of quality products from porous aerated concrete, which fully comply with standards and the standards of modern construction industry and meet the demanding requirements of contractors.

The priority activities of the company "AAC" LLC is to support the development of economy of the country, opening of new work places, stimulating the development of the construction sphere and bring new ideas and technologies to this area.


Achieve and maintain leading position in Azerbaijan, as well as, in South Caucasus construction market.


Create comfortable living conditions and quality of the construction of residential and office buildings by providing internal market with the most advanced technology and modern construction materials

Our value - efficiency and effectiveness.

In order to obtain income there must be an effective activity. Efficiency is constantly increasing volume and quality of the product and service provided and operative and accurate implementation of the setting objectives .

Effectiveness - is the creation of conditions for realization of the objectives of sustainable development and socio-economic system that depends on the extent and progress of the company.

Success factors

• High quality and new technology

• Active

• Effectiveness

• Competitiveness

• Tendency to stabiity

• Social Responsibility

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