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gobustone supports efficient use of waste

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The AAC Plant of Modern Building Materials, producing modern and eco-friendly building blocks of aerated concrete (gas concrete) under brand name gobustone, has handed over today the paper and cardboard for recycling to the waste paper collection point of Azerbaijan integrated plant on paper and cardboard recycling.

"In our company the paper collection is not a one-time action. As protection of environment is a very important task for us, we decided to collect the paper accumulated in the process of work and direct it for recycling. In the office we put cardboard boxes for the collection of paper with picture "100 kg of wastepaper = 1 saved tree". After work, employees accumulated used sheets in these boxes. Today we have handed over the collected paper to the plant, which is specialized in this field," AAC marketing manager Teymur Hajiyev said.

AAC intends to go on cooperation with companies that specialize in the relevant field for the disposal of waste without harming the environment.

"We’ll continue active participation in the supply of the plant, because these events contribute to the efficient use of waste and prevent their negative impact on the environment," Hajiyev added.

"The paper and cardboard recycling plant has been in operation since 2012, and now it recycles 40 tons of paper.
Produced by German equipment "Wehrhahn", aerated concrete blocks gobustone are Areted concrete, is differ from other materials with durability, lightness, heat and frost resistance, environmental cleanliness. It is also easy to process with usual hand or power tool.

Currently, cellular concrete products used in the construction of high-rise and low-rise buildings, private houses, masonry exterior and interior walls, partitions, ceilings, and even steps.

Modern building materials factory AAC is located in the Sangachal Garadagh district of Baku. The annual production capacity of the plant is 180 thousand cubic meters / aerated concrete blocks and 30 thousand tonn limes. Modern building materials plant "AAC" is part of "SYNERGY GROUP".

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