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gobustone blocks became even more heat-saving

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AAC company has launched production of blocks aerated concrete blocks gobustone with density D400 and with improved thermal conductivity coefficient.

AAC plant’s technologist Nail Abasov says that thanks to the new formulation and improved technologies it was possible to make gobustone concrete blocks more heat-saving.

From the first day of production the AAC plant produces gobustone blocks with density 500 kg/m3. To reduce the cost of construction materials, it was decided to manufacture the blocks with a lower weight.

"It should also be noted that thermal conductivity of blocks with 400 kg/m3 is 0.11 W/m°C and density of 500 kg/m3 - 0.13 W/m° C. As you see with density of 400 kg/m3 of thermal conductivity of blocks are higher. This also means cost savings after completion of construction. In addition, normally it is used to build exterior walls with the 300 thickness blocks with the density of 500 kg/m3. But with 400 kg/m3 blocks it is possible to use blocks with thickness of 250 mm. This is just one of the advantages that we offer to our customers," Abbasov added.

Cellular concrete blocks gobustone produced with help of German equipment Wehrhahn differ from other masonry materials by its lightness, earthquake resistance, durability, high thermal and sound insulation and environmental cleanliness. And, in addition, in case of the use of usual manual or electric tools, they are easy for processing that speeds up much the construction process.

Gobustone blocks were used in the construction of such facilities as Port Baku Residence and Port Baku Tower, trade center 28 Mall, Azerbaijan Diplomatic Academy, National Gymnastics Arena, Trump Tower, an office building of the State Oil Fund of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ), summer and winter tourist center Shahdag, recreation center Galalty in Shabran and Rixos hotel in Guba city.

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