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Experts recommend aerated concrete blocks

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The usage of aerated concrete products in the construction of residential and public buildings can successfully solve the problem of reducing the energy consumption for heating, to reduce the load on the foundation and the base, and thus helps to reduce the total cost of construction, said the head of the envelope BelNIIS Julia Ryhlenok during the conference.

On February 21, "Modern technologies in construction. Cellular concrete: properties and application experience conference was held in Baku with the support of modern building materials plant AAC, National Association of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete producers and the Union of Architects of Azerbaijan.

The conference brought together developers, architects and professionals.

"Rsearchs and long experience with the aerated concrete products at the Institute BelNIIS have shown that this material is the cheapest building material compared to the other construction materials," - said Y.Ryhlenok.

During his speech, the executive director of the NAAG G.Grinfeld noted that "this product is fairly common in the Russian construction market, as well as in Europe."

"You could say that in several countries aerated concrete blocks cover 60% of the construction market. Today Russia in terms of production aerated blocks is behind Germany, Poland and Belarus ", - said Grinfeld.

Produced by German equipment "Wehrhahn", aerated concrete blocks gobustone are Areted concrete, is differ from other materials with durability, lightness, heat and frost resistance, environmental cleanliness. It is also easy to process with usual hand or power tool.

Currently, cellular concrete products used in the construction of high-rise and low-rise buildings, private houses, masonry exterior and interior walls, partitions, ceilings, and even steps.

Modern building materials factory AAC is located in the Sangachal Garadagh district of Baku. The annual production capacity of the plant is 180 thousand cubic meters / aerated concrete blocks and 30 thousand tonn limes. Modern building materials plant "AAC" is part of "SYNERGY GROUP".

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