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gobustone blocks export started

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The first and the only manufacturer of aerated concrete in Azerbaijan AAC plant has begun exporting its products to Kazakhstan, head of sales department of the company Vugar Hamidov told.

"We have just taken the first step to export," he said. "In the future we plan to deliver 20 percent of our production for export. There is great potential for export."

AAC Company is also examining the markets of other neighboring countries - Russia, Georgia and Iran.

"Next year we plan to increase supplies to Kazakhstan and to start exporting to the southern part of Russia," Hamidov said.

Opening of the Plant of Modern Construction Materials AAC was held with the participation of President Ilham Aliyev on December 26, 2011. The plant is provided with high-technology equipment of the well-known German company Werhahn.

Along with having up-to-date technology, AAC is also a "green" facility. So, 20 % of its area is occupied by green plants. Besides, the production process is non-waste. The manufacturing waste is recycled, and domestic and industrial wastewaters of the plant are re-used upon treatment.

Local raw materials are used in the aerated concrete production. They are mainly silica sand and limestone.

Due to using high-quality raw materials and up-to-date technological equipment, the plant manufactures aerated concrete blocks under the brand name "gobustone".

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