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Ilham Aliyev inaugurates “AAC” factory

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President Ilham Aliyev attended the ceremony of putting into service AAC – a modern construction material plant in Garadag district. President Ilham Aliyev arrived at “AAC” – a modern construction materials plant. When touring the plant’s area, the head of state was told that 10 mln mamnat of soft loans allocated by the National Fund for Support to Entrepreneurship have been used during the construction operations. The plant produces live and burnt lime goods and porous concrete blocks to international standards under “GobuStone” brand. The plant where high tech is applied is the only in the Caucasus region. Then, the head of state launched the limestone plant. The head of state was introduced to the production process. It was told that the process is absolutely environment friendly. “AAC” modern construction materials plant’s daily capacity is 100 tons of burnt lime or 120 tons of live lime. Viewing the ready products, the head of state was briefed on wide scale use of burnt and live lime. The equipment used in processing and production process and cars are made by world’s leading companies.

Then, President Ilham Aliyev was introduced to the work of the Porous Concrete Blocks Plant. Having a look at a model of the plant, the head of state was told that quartz sand and limestone are used as raw material.

The head of state watched a video clip about the operation of the pant. The production process is fully computerized. At present the plant’s capacity is 600 cubic meters. President Ilham Aliyev launched the plant. From a bridge, the head of state watched the production process and was briefed on the technical parameters of the concrete blocks produced here. Along with producing goods for the domestic construction market, the plant plans to export its goods. “AAC” modern construction materials plant is, along with being well equipped, meets highest ecological standards. A professional staff has been shaped in the plant. The personnel do trainings in foreign countries. Currently, the plant employs 130 people. The average monthly salary is 760 manats. Expressing satisfaction with the plant’s operation, President Ilham Aliyeva gave his instructions and recommendations


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