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Aerated concrete to provide ecological safety in the construction

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Construction of houses and properties from the porous concrete will provide ecological safety of the construction projects in Azerbaijan, as aerated concrete is a eco-friendly building material and meets international standards, said the head of Sales and Marketing department of the «AAC» LLC Vugar Hamidov.

"The advantages of the aerated concrete consist in using only natural, organic ingredients during the manufacture process. Ready construction material is inert, does not emit any connections into the environment, it is absolutely safe for human health "- said Hamidov.

According to him, ability to "breathe", which arises due to the porous structure, concrete, practically does not alter under the influence of humidity and temperature changes. In addition, it is a porous material and, therefore, it’s as easily to breathe in a house built of aerated concrete as in the wooden.

Modern aerated concrete is made from sand, lime, water and a small part of the cement. It does not emit toxic substances and for its environmental attributes is second only after the tree. But aerarted concrete, unlike wood, does not burn, does not decay and aging.

According to Hamidov, other environmental indicator is the possibility of secondary use of broken, defective units.

In addition, according to him, thanks to its fully aerated mineral composition aerated concrete is classified as non-combustible building material. It does not burn at temperatures up to 1200 ° C, and, unlike other building materials, has heat resistant.

Therefore, aerated concrete is used for the erection of fire walls, preventing the spread of fire, thus preserving human life and property.

However, he also added that tests have shown that aerated concrete wall thickness of 150 mm can withstand fire for at least 2-4 hours.

Head of the Marketing and Sales department also added that, recently AAC has successfully conducted a test production of the aerated concrete. As a result of the test, produced high-quality aerated concrete blocks. “For now, we continue technical checks for the full start of production which scheduled in the coming days”, said Hamidov.

"AAC" LLC –Azerbaijan Company, has invested largest investment in the production of modern porous concrete and high-quality lime in Azerbaijan.

Aerocrete in comparison with other construction materials differs by durability, longevity, heat and cold resistances, ecological, fabrication and other qualities. Aerocrete can be easily treated by using conventional hand or electric instrument. The products of aerocrete are used in internal and external walls, dividing walls, ceilings and even in construction of stairs.

The aerocrete products are manufactured more than 50 countries around the world, where more than 200 plants are operating. Now the same plant will operate in Azerbaijan. Modern aerated concrete plant, located on 47th kilometer of the Baku-Salyan highway is fully equipped with the latest technology and has a capacity of 180 000 m / cu aerated concrete products per year. Its daily production capacity will be 600 cubic meters of aerated concrete and 100 tons of lime. The plant is situated on the territory of 10 hectares and includes the entire necessary infrastructure.

In the neighbor region and in Europe the production of aerated concrete building materials are attractive for investment. The volume of aerated concrete in the construction of Russia is growing rapidly. In 2009 the share of aerated concrete in the housing construction market was 10.1%, while non-residential construction 13.6%. In European countries, this proportion is 35-45%.

The share of aerated concrete products for housing construction in Belarus is 46%, and is expected to increase this share to 97% till 2015. The production and consumption of aerated concrete in Ukraine is 8 million cubic meters / year.

The appearance of the aerocrete in the Azerbaijan market will fundamentally change the technology and timing of construction works.

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